YONKERS, N.Y.- A Sealy Posturepedic hybrid mattress and a Novaform foam mattress sold at Costco took top honors in the updated mattress ratings just released by Consumer Reports. Learn body mechanics - Not sleeping on the stomach for lower back pain, placing a plush pillow underneath the knees, or underneath the legs to create a balance. When it comes purchasing the best mattress for back pain there are methods to go by. The worst thing anyone can do when purchasing a best mattress for lower back pain is to rush and not know what they’re looking for, only to take it home and find out it’s not for them. You’ll discover that not all mattresses are created equal - some are hard and firm as a fist, while others are as soft as a feather, perhaps too soft.

Above all beds that we looked at this year, Amerisleep’s Revere Bed is the best mattress of 2016, based on consumer ratings and overall value. Dr. Marcel Hungs conducted of the University of California Irvine a study in 2009 that showed sleeping on Celliant lowered back pain in test subjects as well as helped them stay asleep more throughout the night. Innerspring mattresses were the only type of beds that most people had access to for a long time.


At the same time, we will highlight the top brands from each category in a bid to give you a better picture of what to expect when you finally decide to take action and make the purchase. And this is mostly because of the durability, quality, convenience, comfort and price-point balance in some of these specialty mattresses. In the same vein, some brands will outperform others while others are generally rated poorly and are considered to be worse than what is considered average. For those of us on a lower budget, then Perfect Cloud is perfectly designed with you in mind.

They make for great orthopedic mattresses and most of them come at reasonable prices. The advantages of open coil mattresses Like all spring beds, the main advantage of open coil mattresses is that they are not heat traps. Open coil mattresses are a lot more durable than other types of spring beds due to the fact that they use better materials. Their mattresses are tested in countless situations in order to prove their durability.

But,the right mattresses can be used as a physical remedy to treat lower back pain. It is a magical discovery of health science that some kinds of best mattresses can help people to relieve their lower back pain. Undoubtedly, it is claimed that good mattress and supportive sleeping style both can be useful for side sleepers to kill the pain they have in their lower back. It means the side sleepers, lower back pain and comfortable mattress all are associated with each other.